torsdag 18. august 2011


Of my own summer house! I know where to put it... A part of the lot where my dad´s summer house is is not being used. You can´t even see it from the existing house. What I want to put up is this one from Enkelrum. It´s 20 sqm. I don´t think it has to be big, just need some good solutions! Anyway, we´ll spend most of the time outside (counting on better summers to come). I want a big deck!

I want to put up a wall inside, so Jojo gets her own "room". It´ll be just big enough for a family bed.

The rest of the house , except a small room for a toilet, will have an open solution.

Sofabed with storage, compact kitchen, table that can be pulled out to seat 6, chairs that can be stacked, all from Ikea.

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