onsdag 17. august 2011

Roygbiv - Red

Since my blog is called "Over the rainbow" I want to go through the colors of the rainbow one after the other. First I want to show you some of what I have in the different colors. Over the next weeks I will do a post on one color each Wednesday. Starting this week with RED.

I don´t have much red in my apartment, but when I started to look for it I realized that I have more than I thought.

I LOVE my mug :) I don't have time to sit at the kitchen table and drink my coffee in the morning, so this is perfect for me!

I (almost) always have fresh chili in this bowl. My grandfather won it in a ski-jumping  competition, can you see the little jumper? Old style!

Red spices! Saffron (fake) and tandoori.

The Swiss flag, to honer my daughters Swiss heritage.

A few of my albums, the little red one has pictures from a wedding where I was the flower-girl :)

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Karo sa...

Hmmm... Trying to find out how to make collages. Thought I found an ok one, but the play-button annoys me. Can someone please help me??

Karo sa...

I downloaded Picasa, and it´s perfect! Happy, the play-button, and the add, is GONE!