lørdag 13. august 2011


I love theLENNOXX! Lindas DIY Zebra Accent Pillow made me want to do something similar.

But I used the wrong kind of paint... FAIL! I was going for clean stripes :P Next time I will use acrylic paint...

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Linda @ theLENNOXX sa...

Whoops! Nice try though, I love that you were inspired by my pillow =) Did you use silk paint? I think it looks great actually, I would love to try the type of paint you used here. Please let me know what paint you used, I used LB fine Acrylic (available at Clas Ohlson ;)

xox Linda

Karo sa...

I just tried with what I had, bengalack :P It was the only paint they could use to mix the color I wanted.
Will try again though :)